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Baby Cyclops

A pedal to make your bass boosted to a fat and fuzzy dimension. This is a warm, fat fuzz tone for your bass, silicon transistor based, fast attack, lots of gain and no frills.

Barely used (no major scratches), slight marks around the edges nearest the bass and a wavy glossy finish on the sides of the pedal. Random note - The LED has a black circular mark as the pupil of the cyclops' eye that is hard to see in the demo video. One of a kind and handmade in 2016 with love in Bristol, UK.

Huge boost possible with a level control that adds more gain (but mostly volume) as you turn it up. Great for bass solos when you want to break through the mix at a gig or in the studio. Also great if you have a drive pedal already and want more volume and more fuzz!

  • Level Control
  • 9V DC (negative centre polarity) (No Battery)
  • 3PDT True Bypass
  • Transistor based
  • Waterslide decal design with polyacrylic layers on top
  • Rubber backing on underside of pedal
  • Velcro strip on underside of pedal for pedalboards

Baby Cyclops 1 photo

ABY Splitter

This ABY buffered splitter pedal is hand-built / barely used and a great utility pedal for when you want to run 2 amps / split your signal to multiple pedals and control the level of each.

Built with love in 2017, Bristol, UK. - Level controls for A and B.

- 1 input, 2 output.

- Pop-less switching

- Operated with any 9v DC (centre negative) power supply (no battery)

An ABY is the generic term for a switcher that enables you to switch between two guitar amplifiers. The A & B designates the two amps while the Y means that both amps can be turned on at the same time. You can adjust the levels of each amp / output to get the best mix you require.

You could also put different sets of pedals through each amp and control the mix using this pedal. The green and black marks match up the level controls with the relevant outputs they control.

ABY Splitter


Based in Bristol UK, Master Green Pedals are a super new pedal business specialising in building handmade guitar and bass effects pedals with distinctive green glows. Over the past few years we have sold many Fuzzy Growlers (our take on the big muff green russian).

At the current time we are focusing on fuzz and new digital technologies to control things over time. You'll have to be patient with us but for now we offer a range of killer fuzz and utility pedals.
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